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Posted on 30 Oct 2014 in Diócesis, Historia

The Knights of Austria observe Missions Sunday with Mgr Marcuzzo   

The Knights of Austria observe Missions Sunday with Mgr Marcuzzo  

Dim-des-missions-Marcuzzo-300x225AUSTRIA–  Knights and Dames of the Holy Sepulchre of East Austria (Niederösterreich)  solemnly celebrated Missions Sunday, 19 October, together with Mgr Giacinto Boulos Marcuzzo at the ancient and prestigious Roman Cistercian Abbey  Church  in Heiligenkreuz.

 Mgr Marcuzzo was already in Austria for the symposium on pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Because of the special relations which exist between the Order of the Holy Sepulchre and the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the Lieutenant of Austria, Dr. Karl Lengheimmer, took advantage of his presence to organize a meeting and a mass, more precisely  Missions Sunday Mass.

There were also, besides the Lieutenant, the Chancellor, Dr. Andreas Leiner, the delegate for Vienna, Dr Wilhelm Kraetschmer, delegate for Baden-Wr. Neistadt, Mr. Herbert Angermeyer,  Abbot of Stams, Fr. German Erde and some ten other Knights and Dames of the Order. As  it was at the same time Sunday Mass of the Parish, the Church – also that of the parish – was packed with faithful.

As usual, liturgy was performed entirely in Latin, together with the Gregorian chant, hymn of the church since many centuries. Latin is being taught in  high schools of Austria; all monks, even friars, learn Latin during several years.

The homily

The Bishop, in his German-speaking homily, started Sunday Gospel with his proverbial quotation : “Give unto Caesar what is to Caesar and unto God what is to God”

“Among the tasks which we should render to God and at the same time to Man, there lies  the sacred duty of the mission. Is there a mission more delightful and pressing than the one to serve the Holy Land, the land of Jesus and Mother Church of Jerusalem ?  Many  faithful  have received this blessing to serve the Church of the Holy Land. They are the Knights and Dames of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem”. He thanked them in the name of the Patriarch and the Church of the Holy Land, and urged them to carry on their mission with joy.

The Bishop could not have skipped  the beatification of Pope Paul VI celebrated at the same time in Rome. Among others, he urged “all faithful to come as pilgrims to the Holy Land and follow the example of the new Blessed Pope Paul VI, the “pilgrim-pope”,  the first pope to come to the Holy Land, to learn from the sources of the Gospel and the Land of Jesus, to carry on with Vatican Council II, Council of Renewal”

Interesting Visits

Mgr Marcuzzo took advantage of a free afternoon to carry out some significant visits relating to the Holy Land. He visited, for example, the monastery of the Carmelites of Meyerling, the ancient palace of Archduke Rudolph of Austria (protagonist of the well-known “secret of Meyerling”) where he celebrated Mass for the eight Carmelites (!) who  pray intensively for the Holy Land. He was also fascinated by his visit to Klosterneuburg, combining the roman, gothic and baroque styles, sister-edifice of Heiligenkreuz, founded almost at the same time  by the same prince, St Leopold III, and entrusted to Augustinian Regular Canons. These monks existed  in large numbers in the Holy Land in the Middle Ages ; they gave out  a certain number of prelates of whom the renowned Patriarch of Jerusalem, St Albert the legislator.

At the end of the day the Bishop visited as well Kahlenberg Hilltop which gives a dominant view over Vienna, site of the historical “Battle of Vienna” (12 September  1683) which saved Europe and the Christian faith in Europe, where excelled the blessed Mark of Aviano, o.f.capp, “the champion of Christian Europe” through his spirit of unity and  ability to unite all Catholic countries round a well defined European  ideal.  ”Today we need another Mark of Aviano,  said the Polish Resurrectionist who explained to us the history of the Hilltop, in order  to save faith and  even the economy in Europe. Wouldn’t you need  another B. Mark of Aviano in the Middle East ?”  Mgr Marcuzzo pointed out a small interesting detail, namely that B Mark of Aviano originated from the same area. It is from this hill that King Jan II Sobiewski dispatched to Rome the illustrious news of victory, paraphrasing that of Julius Caesar : “Venimus, vidimus, Deus vicit”

In conclusion Mgr Marcuzzo took supper with Bishop of St Pölten, Mgr Klaus Küng, who had purposely invited him, in order to share fraternally in  news of events  in the Holy Land in the Middle East.


Text : our correspondent, guided by Mgr G.B. Marcuzzo

Photos : T.A.